Fido and me

Fido and me
Fido and me

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Remembering Things Past and Things to Come

Petunias and snap dragons

Cone flowers and allium


Maple tree in my back yard

Am I part of a minority group - people who love the Christmas season?  Everyone I've talked to recently is glad that Christmas is over.  Unlike them, I have the after-Christmas blues.  

I wrote about my melancholy to a friend who was glum during the Christmas holidays.  She, who is feeling much better now that it is January, sent back a thought that led to this blog post.  I shall quote her e-mailed words exactly.  "Cheer up, my dear kathy; after all, Christmas is not far away. A bit of patience and in less than 11 month's time it is going to be Christmas time again and in the meantime you'll have your birthday, spring surprises in the gardens and nature, sunny days of  summer, autumn harvest time and beautiful colours!  What more do you want?"  She added, "forgive me, I am teasing you!!!"

After I looked back at some 2011 photos showing the lovely colors of an early autumn day, I acknowledge the rightness of her words.  What more do I want?