Fido and me

Fido and me
Fido and me

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy

John Matthias Gosz

These are the only pictures of my dad as a youngster.  He was the oldest boy, born on March 16, 1904.  His parents, both first generation Americans, followed a custom of the old country.  His godfather was his grandfather, Matthias Meier.  However, he was not named Matthias as he would have been if he had been born in the Rhineland (Kreis Saarburg) as his mother's ancestors were.  Instead, he was called John and it was his middle name that honored his godfather.

How I wish that relatives with every make and model of camera could have attended his baptism.  I wonder if he cried when the water which made him a child of God was poured over his little head.  I wonder if he was born with lots of hair or was as bald as his first daughter, me!  If little John did have hair, it probably was already beginning to show how curly it would be.

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Anonymous said...

I cherish the pictures I have of my dad as a young man(or at any age really, but the shots of his youth have a special pull).